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Family Movie Night Must Haves

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

We love when we get the chance to unwind and have a family movie night. Sometimes with our busy day to day schedules we don't make time for this and forget how much we enjoy it. Some of our favorite movies include Soul Surfer, Moana, and God's Not Dead just to name a few. We have put together a list of some of our favorite movie night must haves that we are sure everyone will enjoy.

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Most tv's today are smart tv's and already have streaming built in. Some of our favorite streaming services that we use are Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, and Prime Video. There are so many options to choose from with these streaming services and the great part is you don't have all the clutter of DVD's in your house, or even worse VHS tapes (that is if anyone still uses VHS).

If you do not have a streaming device, you can order the Fire TV Stick. There are many to choose from, but this was the best deal that we found on Amazon.

There is no better feeling then wrapping up in a soft, cozy blanket to watch a movie. We have so many big blankets like this in our home because everyone in the family enjoys wrapping up and staying warm.

It's not a movie night without popcorn. Our favorite microwave popcorn is Jolly Time Blast O Butter. Just thinking about it makes me want to pop up a bag and relax to a movie. It's that good. We also enjoy some delicious home made popcorn. you can just pop some kernels in a pot on the stove with some oil and salt, or use a popcorn maker. After you pop your popcorn you can divide it into some fun popcorn containers.

Sometimes it's nice to have a little candy to satisfy your sweet tooth. Here is a variety pack of candy that everyone is sure to like. Cotton candy is another fun option for the kids. My favorite is a variety of some delicious chocolates.

After you eat all that popcorn and candy you are going to need something to wash it down. We like this Bai flavored water because it is refreshing and tastes great. Add it to your subscribe and save order on Amazon to save more money.

We have used our projector in the basement for movie nights and it feels like the ultimate movie experience. We just projected it on the wall, but you could get a projection screen for a better picture. The great part about using a projector is that you can project your movie up to 176 inches. We have also used our projector outside in the backyard or while we are camping. This is such a fun experience with the kids.


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