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Does Anybody Still Play the Wii?

We had a family game night tonight and we decided to play Nintendo Wii. The Wii has got to be about 15 years old now. I thought to myself, How many people still play on the Wii?

It's always fun to get the newest games, toys, and gadgets, but sometimes it's a blast to just play the classics. There is so much money to be saved when you play these older game systems. We are always finding great deals on these games at garage sales in the summer. With everyone upgrading to the newest thing, they often want to clear out the old. This is where we swoop in and get a great deal. Some of these games can sell for $60 brand new. We often get these older games for as little as $1 at many garage sales. That's a HUGE savings!!! It's so much fun too, because you never know what games you will find.

Another great option to save on these older games is to check out used video game stores. I feel like we find much better deals at garage sales, but if you are looking for something more specific then the used game store is your best bet. We find many dvd's and cd's at these used game stores as well. We think of it as sort of a treasure hunt. lol

you can save so much money by just waiting to buy until the newest thing hits the shelves, and then just buy a step down. You might always be a step behind the crowd, but it will always be new to you. Besides, nobody saved any money by trying to keep up with the Joneses. You can get the Nintendo Wii for a great price on Amazon when you compare it to the price of the new $500 gaming systems.

Our Kids Love Playing on the Wii. It's really the only gaming system that they do enjoy to play. We enjoy bowling on the Wii most of all because who doesn't want to bowl in their own living room.

We feel that the most important thing is not what you buy, but the value that it brings to you and your family. If you are always chasing the newest thing to achieve happiness, I'm not sure that you will ever find it. There might be a few items that you decide are of great value and are worth the investment for the return of joy you will receive from that item. But, if you feel like you could get the same joy from buying a little older or even used, then why not?


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